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Redline Contracting owns and operates late model plant and equipment ranging from bobcats, backhoes, excavators, dozers, graders, loaders, trucks and floats to more specialised pipeline equipment such as chain trenchers, sidebooms and flocon units.

You can view a complete catalogue of Redline’s Plant and Equipment here.

Tesmec M5 Chain Trencher

The trencher is designed to plough through hard ground conditions, pulverising rocks and then discharging fine material to the side of the trench which can be used as backfill once the pipe has been laid. The M5 creates a neat trench with straight sides a flat bottom along with a laser can ensure it is cut to grade, which assists greatly in the pipelaying activities.

HDPE Fusion Equipment

Redline Contracting has an extensive range of McElroy HDPE fusion machines with welding capabilities from 50 mm to 1200 mm diameters. Our fusion technicians are experienced in a variety of HDPE installation methods

VacuLift for Safe Handling

Redline Contracting has been using the VacuLift attachment for the safe unloading of steel and polyethylene pipes on our recent projects. This attachment eliminates the need for workers to climb onto pipe loads to place slings or hooks, therefore workers are able to unload and place pipes in a safe manner.